"A private retreat, secluded from the main house"


With living area views overlooking the waterfall and creek, this secluded cabin was designed to complement a large, multi-generational family vacation home in a forested area of the foothills.

"Sometimes Grandpa needs his own space"

Residential design for mountain homes
Home architectural services in Sonora CA

"A family home to retire into"


Wrapping the edge of a knoll with a long view North to the Sierra Nevada Range, this home packs a lot of function into a limited budget. Living areas open out to the views and to a protected balcony designed as an 'outdoor room', central to the main functions of the house.


Energy efficient design for mountain living
Energy compliance for home design

A cabin lifestyle minutes from main street


A compact, economical home built for function but with volume, light and a rustic style. Situated on a 2 acre parcel on the edge of town, the home took advantage of rural views from a hilltop location.


Contemporary home design in the Central Sierras

Ranch Retreat


Phase 2 of ongoing improvements on a family property



Hotel Cabin

A multi-generational vacation home with hotel like function on a one of a kind site